About Happilyunmarried

Founded in the year 2003 this brand came into existence with the idea of spreading love and happiness. They came up with this name because the archaeologists believed that the concept of happily unmarried starts with the Neanderthals. The archaeologists were pretty sure that the Neanderthals were happily unmarried. So they came up with the idea of this concept. They believe in having fun and being happy, keep life simple, mind the gap and privacy of others, not to wear ties to work and make life enjoyable. Happily unmarried is the brainchild of Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand.

Happily unmarried had no intentions of growing this big as they had no vision and no business plan. They actually wanted to retire 5 years back. Their products are fun, they do music festivals, they work with corporates and they have also been doing some projects including branding, communication, interiors marketing and everything of that rolled up to one. Make use of the Happilyunmarried discounts to avail further discounts on your bills.

Happily Unmarried likes to Keep it Simple

There are some people who do not like to shop and then there are shopaholics. The happily unmarried team have made sire that the ones who do not like to shop create and design this website so that it becomes easy for the all the people to shop. The people who do not like shopping can actually go for this website easily because it will be easy for them to just look into the website from above and order the best items.  The prices of the products here are already well priced. For example, a product that you might get for 500 bucks in other websites like chumbak, but here you only need half of that to spend. Moreover, there are many happily unmarried promo codes for the products so make use of them.

Categories on HappilyUnmarried

Are you a person who loves quirky and edgy stuff? Happily unmarried specialises in cool and interesting stuff that are loved by the youth. The categories include:

  • Socks: Men's socks, women's socks

  • Bar: Ashtrays, beer glasses, coasters, whisky glasses, accessories, rum, shot glasses.

  • Apparel: Tee shirts

  • Home Accessories: Chai coffee mugs & glasses, cushion covers, kitchen appliances, Metal signs for the fridge, doormats, magnets, key chains

  • Bags: Sling bags, tote bags, RnR bags, laptop/ iPad sleeves, backpacks, luggage tags, wallets,etc

  • Stationary: Briefcase card holders, milestone paperweight, notebook, visiting card trolley, loudspeaker pen stand, bean bag mobile holder

Music in the Hills

Happilyunmarried’s annual music festival is the Music in the hills where they partner with Parikrama and host a beautiful music fest. The main aim of this festival is to bring together the people, good music, good listeners and at exotic locations. Music in the hills is India's longest running festival and till date, they have had 8 festivals.


Happily Unmarried New Arrivals and Trending Products

Happily unmarried is a brand that has been providing the youth of India the quirky products and items that will guarantee to turn heads as soon as you look at them. The products on happily unmarried are smart, edgy, quirky and cool. Some of the new arrivals on happily unmarried include duffel bags, quirky printed socks, whisky glasses with written slogans on them, coffee mugs, shot glasses, beer glasses with slogans on them, love milestone,key holders, etc.

Some of the hot trending products on Happily unmarried are visiting card trolley, Na Ho payega Notepad, tu jaanta visiting card holder, daaru ki tanki beer glass, risky after whiskey glasses, mooch coffee mug, kalpanik brown notepad, bewada bewdi shot glasses, chai glasses, Spaceship Toothpick Dispenser, We Need To Talk ludo game, Kat Le Doormat, Egos and Shoes Outside Doormat, Coconut Zipper with pouch, Bhojpuri Coasters, I Love Getting Drunk Shot Glass, I Hate Dry Days Beer Mug, Legendary Bikes of India Coasters, Bachelor Gift Boy and many more. There are ongoing happily unmarried deals on the items in the website online. So make sure you check them out,

Happily Unmarried Commercial

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