Are there different shipping options for Newchic products?

Newchic offers multiple shipping methods with different projected delivery dates. These can range dramatically depending on your location and which shipping method you choose. Many delivery options have a “free shipping" threshold and even some expedited delivery options. Look through the Newchic shipping information to learn more about how you can receive free shipping on your package, even if you’re interested in getting expedited shipping.

Does Newchic have an email subscription service?

The email subscription service at Newchic gives you access to Subscribers’ Privileges. This is a coupon process for email subscribers only. Just select which categories of clothes and items you’re most interested in, select the language you want the email, and enter your email address. Not only will you start to receive information about Newchic sales and deals, but you’ll also gain access to a special Newchic deal almost immediately. It’s a great way to maximize the worth of your Newchic purchase.

Is there a Newchic referral program?

Do you have friends who might be interested in the products at Newchic? If so, you might want to consider the Newchic referral program. The “Treasure Box," as it’s called, is a great way to save even more money. Just refer people to Newchic with your unique referral link after logging into your account. Once you’ve invited a certain number of friends who have validated their email addresses, you’ll receive a variety of coupons.